R.J. Murdoch, Inc. is a California Corporation owned by Rich and Lori Murdoch. In 1989 the Murdoch's started building residential homes and commercial buildings in or around Oakdale, California.  In 1996, R.J. Murdoch, Inc. was born so the company is now in it's 11th year.

Rich Murdoch: "We begin each project knowing that when the project is finished we are going to ask for a letter of recommendation from the owner. That keeps us focused on the relationship with the customer and attention to detail."

The company portfolio includes some of the most recognizable buildings in Oakdale. The company recently completed the Medex building located on the corner of Sierra and G street. In the past the company has completed projects such as the Howe/Mitchell building at the main intersection of Oakdale, which houses Washington Mutual Bank, Starbucks and Fidelity National Title Company. Kitty-corner from that building is the Murdoch/Miller building which is home to  Bank of Stockton downstairs and office space above on the second floor. Both of these jobs were scrutinized very closely by the City because of their prominence at the main intersection of town. They fit nicely with the old First National building which was built at the turn of the century.

Rich Murdoch: "We're proud of each home or commercial building we've been involved with, but the part of our business we value the most is the relationships we maintain with the customers   we've built for."

Most customers sign with us early in the construction process. We can help secure a building site, get plans drawn in-house, provide cost estimates along the way, interface with lending institutions, and build the highest quality building possible. Good construction management is the balance of three things; how long it will take to build the building, what kind of quality of finishes are we looking for, and how much will it cost? Each customer is looking for a certain balance of these three items.  Our job is to ask the right questions so we know the right answers, and to work to get the balance the customer is looking for. 

"We promise our customers two things. First, exactly what they want in a building, and second, we promise they won't pay a nickel more than they have to to get it."