Lately there has been much speculation regarding the economy and what the business climate will be in the near future. With the possibility of an economic slow down looming on the horizon, does it make sense to buy land or build a new building any time soon?

Actually, tough times are the best times to look at Oakdale. When the economy slows, it's time to reduce overhead. Companies from Silicone Valley, the Bay Area, even Tracy who are paying high mortgages or rents will find the Central Valley, and especially Oakdale, a great option for cutting deep into overhead. Oakdale has some of the lowest industrial land prices anywhere in the state, and yet still offers some of the highest "quality of life" benefits. Labor rates for construction are lower here than most regions of the state.

We've made relocating business from out of the area our forte', and helped businesses shave up to 50% off their facilities costs and better their quality of life at the same time. Remember, when building demand slows, the demands for land and subcontractors also slow down making production prices go down as well. Tough times also keep interest rates low.

So whether you think we're in good times or tough times, it's a good time to have a look at moving your company to Oakdale.